Man oh man. This pandemic is definitely starting to get to people at work.

A lot has definitely happened recently, but for the sake of everything that has happened, I should not say it.

Just know it definitely isn’t pretty and I definitely wouldn’t want to relive a pandemic again with what’s been happening.

But to explain certain things I know everyone else can understand, this is definitely a stressful time for all parties involved. Working or not this is a hard time.

I know not one person who would have ever predicted this to ever happen. Yet, here we are. Dealing cards no one expected to be dealt and all of us doing the best we can to handle everything that’s being thrown at us.

Unfortunately, my anxiety has still been a little on the high side, but my autism hasn’t really been as existent as I would have expected. Which is great because this is an unpredictable time and I think my brain has come to terms with the fact that it will be awhile for things to loosen up a bit.

With that being said, that’s where a small part of my autism does kick in because there is that unpredictability of when the time comes we do go back to normal. But outside of that, it’s practically non-existent.

Which for me that’s great. I’m probably in the small percentage of autistics who are still able to work with everything going on so my life hasn’t changed terribly.

I hope everyone is able to stay safe through all of this and that your health and well being is still going strong. Keep up your great work if you are still in good health.

If you all are struggling, whether mentally or physically, everything will get better and you will go back to being yourself soon. You all will be ok.

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