So last week, a worker in a different department at the place I work unfortunately tested positive for COVID-19. Hopefully it’s nothing terrible and they are able to recover quickly, but due to this we’ve had to adjust certain things we now do at my job.

Every person in every department now has to wear a mask. A certain part of our skilled nursing section has to be closed off for quarentine purposes in the precautionary event of potential coronavirus. (This being due to the fact that we are also a rehab facility and get quite a few people from hospitals.) And, as a precaution, we have to not only get our temps taken when we come in but halfway through our shift as well.

None of this is a complaint. I’m glad that we have the right mindset in place to protect a vulnerable population.

The only problem I have is I have sensory issues with stuff being on my face.

This is the worst time to have autism issues in all honesty. It’s bad enough working in a kitchen wearing one and being on the warm side of things. But to add autism issues with it drives me up the wall.

Hopefully, this goes by fairly quick and things can be done and over with soon. But like everything that happens in this situation, we have to play it by ear with the given news that can come out about it all.

Thankfully things seem to being going quicker than I would have thought, but then again, I’m also working so it’s making things go fast.

I hope you all are staying safe out there! Keep your head up. It will get better.

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