So, with this whole COVID-19 quarentine going on, it’s been bringing the worst out in a lot of people I work with. Yes, I do admit most of what’s going on, as far as dining services goes, has been getting better and easier now.

But unfortunately, like with what everyone else is feeling at home, the uncertainty of how long this will last is what’s hard on everyone.

Now I have found out in the last couple years that I am not good at handling stress very well. This situation is no different.

The only major difference is that it’s an uncertain area for a lot of people outside myself and a lot of people have higher than normal stress and anxiety.

I get it.

It’s not fun.

But learning how to cope in an environment that’s is changing by the day, especially with autism, is hard. Most of the time, I can handle change with my job because, the unexpected tends to happen quite a bit but in a reasonable manor.

Now, we are dealing with unexpected in an extremely new territory of the unknown. And with that my brain is struggling to process all of it.

I just am hoping for a positive outcome soon so that we can all have some hope ahead of us. This is definitely not something I want to deal with again. But in the circumstances that something like this does come about again, at least we can be better equipped for the trial ahead.

To every one of you out there, please do your best to stay safe during this time. Keep your head up and we will all get through this together

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