This week has been a crazy one. My job had our annual state survey. Normally, I’d be freaking out seeing as I walked in while it was getting going on Tuesday.

But I somehow managed to stay calm and kept to myself knowing what I needed to do and not do to make things happen.

Thankfully, our night cook, who has some good experience with state, was helping me out a bit and I greatly appreciated his efforts.

The good news was that everything went fairly well considering. The only downfall is now that state is gone, the residents in our skilled nursing part of the retirement community aren’t feeling too well and are on quarentine until further notice.

But that also happens every year so we at least know what we need to do there as well.

On a positive note, so far things have been going fairly well with therapy. I’ve been making good progress and I really like the person I have.

And on an even better note, my mom actually allowed me to make an independent move and get her something at the store for our dog! I haven’t done that in years and it was great.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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